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Dry Gulch

3145 Walden Ave

Depew NY

Phone (716) 683-5678

It’s All About The Dancers





Line And Couples Dancing

Doors open at 5:45pm

Beginner Line Dance Lessons 6-7

Intermediate Line Dance Lesson 8-8:30

Dance Until 10:30pm

Experience the Magic******

For further information contact Paula at

Plezan@aol.com or (716) 408-7518

Admission $7.00

Soft drinks and small snacks are available or you may bring your own.

                    Friday Eveinigs 

With Bill and Mary

All Request Line and Couples dancing and Lessons.

Doors open at 6:45pm

Admissino $7.00

Quick Note:

Thank you for visiting our web page.

The Dry Gulch is currently open Tuesday and Friday Evenings.

Tuesday dancers will learn new dances that are danced not only around the Country, but around the World. Beginner lessons are progressive. New dancers are encouraged to arrive by 5:45pm so they can be taught basic steps. From 6-6:45pm recent beginner dances are re-taught and reviewed. New beginner dance lesson is taught at 6:45pm. Intermediate dancers are encourager to attend new beginner lesson.

Intermediate dance lesson is from 8-8:30pm. Beginner dancers are encourager to attend this lesson as well. As they are not beginners for long. This is contributed to the Dry Gulch Magic*****

Tuesday is a structured evening. Our play list is well thought out. Beginner dance, intermediate dance and then a couples dance. As has been stated in the past, no dancer will be left behind. That is the Magic**** that makes the Dry Gulch.

You won’t want to miss out on Friday Evenings with Bill and Mary at the Dry Gulch....

This is an all request evening of line and couples dancing and lessons.

The Gulch is a great place to learn to dance. It is simply magical. Our dancers are by far the nicest group of people you will ever find in one place. They are helpful and welcome all. They are the Magic*** in the Dry Gulch.

If you are an experienced dancer you will enjoy our beautiful hard wood floor. It is a floor that a seasoned dancer will truly appreciate.

If you have any questions you can contact me at plezan@aol.com or (585)322-7155

See you at the Dry Gulch, Paula

PS: Thank You Bev

Water, juice, soft drinks, coffee available for donation, or bring your own.